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David W. Rogers
switchmode power converter & magnetics design
David W. Rogers 
BR Power Systems
108 East Maple Street
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Tel:(201) 836-4666Previous
Fax:(509) 752-2094Next
Switchmode Power Converter Design
High/Low Frequency Magnetics Design
PSpice Circuit Simulations, Analog Circuit Design
I am a specialist in the design and analysis of switching power supplies and general power conversion systems. My many years experience spans ten?s of watts to 35 KW 3 phase inverter AC sine wave sources. I have designed high density, high performance power supplies for space applications, as well as electronic ballasts for HMI and Xenon high intensity lamps.
I am capable of the complete electrical, mechanical and thermal design and project management, of electronic power conversion systems. In addition, I have considerable background in magnetic component design, from power line frequency types [50/60 Hz/400Hz], to the high frequency magnetics components used in switching power supplies, including high frequency magnetic amplifiers.
I have also had significant success in simulating high frequency power switching circuits using the PSPICE simulation tool.
In addition I have extensive background in analog circuit design and simulation