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Meeting ArchiveFebruary Meeting:
Thursday February 24, 2005
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Marketing Ideas Workshop
Marketing is one of the things that technical consultants find the hardest to do. One of the primary functions of CNNNJ is to make the services provided by CNNNJ members visible and attractive to potential customers, for example, by the existing periodic mailing and through the web site. What other marketing efforts could CNNNJ make? We'll discuss our plans, but also ask what do consultants think is the most important thing that their prospective customers should be made aware of? Some examples:

"Optimizing Efficiency Through Use of Technical Consultants"
"Using Technical Consultants to your advantage"
"Proper Use of Consultants for small technology businesses"
"How to Find the Right Consultant"
"Effective Outsourcing"

Join our workshop and give us your ideas so that CNNNJ can provide you the best value for your membership dollars!

The workshop will be led by Peter Schutz, Vice Chairperson of the CNNNJ executive committee. Peter is a mechanical engineer who has been working as an independent consultant for the last 20 years. He specializes in the development of new products, especially in the areas of medical and laboratory equipment, instrumentation, prototypes, and special machinery. Some of his areas of technical expertise include: electronics packaging, fluid systems, and thermal analysis. Peter has a BSME from Lehigh University and a MSME from NJIT. He survived his first year of consulting by eating rice. He has been a member of CNNNJ for the last 6 years.

All CNNNJ members and visitors are welcome to participate and help make this a successful program!

Thursday February 24, 7:30pm
Non-members welcome!
Aeroflex / KDI-Integrated Products
(note: entrance for the meeting is at the rear of the building)
60 South Jefferson Ave.
Whippany, N.J.

Contact: 973-728-4500, robert@rdwalker.com

Directions to meeting.