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Meeting ArchiveSeptember Meeting:
Thursday September 30, 2010
Meeting Schedule
The September 2010 meeting of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern New Jersey (www.TechnologyOnTap.org), scheduled for Thursday September 30th, features a presentation by Richard Tax, President of the American Engineering Association. The talk examines the present ?engineering shortage? in the US and what our government is doing about it.

Of primary interest is the labor Supply/Demand Equation or ratio, specifically the Supply/ Demand of Engineers and STEM professionals. This is very well controlled, but maybe not in the best interest of our profession or our country. We will discuss the problem associated with the present Labor Supply/Demand Equation and the influence, support/opposition to the direction of the equation. Who supports increasing the number and who is in favor of reducing the number? Who benefits, who is harmed? How does it affect our nation?s economy?
The speaker believes the public policy of the United States should be to rely primarily upon U.S. workers for our supply of engineers and scientists. This position is in response to claims that America faces shortages of engineers, programmers and high tech professionals and companies must import foreign workers to meet demands. Come and express your opinions. More at http://www.aea.org/pdf/AEA_POSITION_Workforce.pdf

Richard Tax is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BSEE degree. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and was awarded his senior membership based on his experience in the design of precision electro mechanical control systems. Mr. Tax has a long history of involvement and leadership in the IEEE on regional and national levels.
He has written more than 80 articles dedicated to professional activities. In 1977, he started the USAB Task Force for the BLS, Occupational Outlook Department. With Congressional assistance this Task Force made significant corrections to their Occupational Outlook Handbook. He directed the efforts of this operation for 6 years. This project is now supported by the IEEE-USA Manpower Committee.
During 1985 he chaired the North Jersey Ad hoc Committee that critiqued and condemned a Northeastern University report that claimed EE's were obsolete at age 35. Later in an Electronic Engineering Times interview the authors admitted they could not validate their accusations. While still actively involved with the IEEE, Mr. Tax also leads the American Engineering Association, with which he has been involved since 1990.


Founded in 1992, the IEEE Consultants Network of Northern NJ encourages and pro?motes the use of independent technical consultants by business and industry.

Thursday September 30, 6:15pm
Non-members welcome!
Morris County Library,
30 East Hanover Avenue,
Whippany, NJ
6:00 - 8:30pm
Contact: 973-728-0344, robert@rdwalker.com

www.mclib.info directions to the meeting.