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Wednesday April 25, 2012
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How I Built My Own Electric Car

The April 2012 meeting of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern New Jersey (www.TechnologyOnTap.org), scheduled for Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 6:30 PM, features a presentation by John Santini, VP of Engineering at TDI Power.

Electric Vehicles: Past, Present and Future
Few engineers realize that the first automobiles to become popular were actually electric. Electric vehicles remained popular until Kettering invented the electric starter for the gasoline engine, which solved many of the negatives of gasoline engines. Now, with gasoline prices rising again, EV?s are seeing renewed interest. A number of major manufacturers are introducing EV?s to the mass market, as well as a number of smaller companies. Lithium ion batteries seem to be ready for prime time, with 10-year operational life anticipated. Electrical infrastructure for charging remains a major obstacle. Will we have J1772 compliant charging stations at every Starbucks any time soon? When will EV?s outnumber conventional gasoline powered cars? Or will Hybrids be the ultimate answer?

Join John Santini from TDI Power to see what?s going on in this old/new industry, and get a glimpse of some of the latest enabling technology.

John?s first job after graduating from Cornell with a BSEE was working for AIL (now Telephonics), assigned to the Space Shuttle Landing System. After 3 years, he left to start his own power supply company, starting with the motor controller for an electric VW Rabbit conversion, which was used in several DOE programs. In the late 1980?s, he performed a study for DARPA concerning the feasibility of fuel cell powered military vehicles, and also designed and built prototype DC/DC converters for Ford?s EV program.

At TDI, John is responsible for supervising the Hackettstown Engineering team. He has also been responsible for the hardware architecture for various commercial and military projects. He holds 3 patents and commutes to work in a home-built electric vehicle with a regenerative AC drive. Use this link to see his newest creation. John may be reached via john.santini@tdipower.com.

Founded in 1960, TDI Power (www.tdipower.com), is located in Hackettstown, NJ. It specializes in power electronics of all kinds, including Medical, Industrial, Commercial Military and Aerospace. More recently, it is becoming increasingly involved in high power automotive applications.

Founded in 1992, the IEEE Consultants Network of Northern NJ encourages and promotes the use of independent technical consultants by business and industry.

Wednesday April 25, 6:30pm
Non-members welcome!
Morris County Library,
30 East Hanover Avenue,
Whippany, NJ
6:00 - 8:30pm
Contact: 973-728-0344, robert@rdwalker.com

www.mclib.info directions to the meeting.