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Meeting ArchiveOctober Meeting:
Thursday October 11, 2012
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Magnetic Materials in Electronic Applications

The October 2012 meeting of the IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern New Jersey (www.TechnologyOnTap.org), scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 6:30 PM, features a presentation by Howard Liebermann, PhD.

Magnetic Materials in Electronic Applications
A modern designer needs to be well versed in wide-ranging areas of technical knowledge. Magnetic materials may seem to be out of the mainstream, a niche ? yet quite often they comprise a significant, if not major portion of the project.

We will attempt to familiarize the attendees with magnetics technology. In the course of the presentation, we will discuss magnetic material structures and properties and their applications.

We will begin with fundamental concepts and how they may be utilized in practice, leading to a comprehensive understanding of magnetic materials.

We will cover some simple concepts in metallurgy and physics, such as magnetic domain wall structure and motion ? continuing to practical engineering solutions and utilization of various kinds of magnetic materials.

As with so many other areas of technology, the continual refinement of properties and performance of magnetics results in the development of new improved products. You can view the presentation here

Howard H. Liebermann, Ph.D., a member of the Consultants' Network, specializes in magnetic materials and devices, in physical metallurgy and alloy design.

Howard received B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, and a Masters as well as a Doctorate of Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

His practice offers consulting in issues related to solder for electronic applications and in magnetic alloys for electrical power, high frequency and anti-theft systems, as well as in design of experiments and Six-Sigma training. Howard's has 39 patents to his credit and is an author or co-author of 84 technical papers, several book chapters and has edited a technical book entitled ?Rapidly Solidified Alloys?.

Howard Liebermann's office is in Succasunna, NJ and he can be reached at (201) 841-0274 or at hhlieber@optonline.net.

Founded in 1992, the IEEE Consultants Network of Northern NJ encourages and promotes the use of independent technical consultants by business and industry.

Thursday October 11, 6:30pm
Non-members welcome!
Morris County Library,
30 East Hanover Avenue,
Whippany, NJ
6:00 - 8:30pm
Contact: 973-728-0344, robert@rdwalker.com

www.mclib.info directions to the meeting.